Do your December self a favour ... use your benefits now!

I love this time of year - beautiful falling leaves, Thanksgiving dinner, warm sweaters, crisp mornings. There is a lot to enjoy in October in Toronto, but it's also a busy time of year. Whether you have kids or not, the Fall still feels like a 'back to school' time for everyone: routines change, it's harder to get up early (in the dark!). Managing time can be challenging and I often re-prioritize my goals and think of ways I can manage my stress and my time. 

On that note, the end of the year is fast approaching and Christmas will be here before we know it. Every year, I get incredibly busy in December as people attempt to use up their insurance benefits before the end of December. 

If it's Halloween soon, then it'll be Christmas before we know it.

If it's Halloween soon, then it'll be Christmas before we know it.

So do yourself a favor - start to reverse that stressful feeling and book a massage or two now. Check your insurance and figure out how many appointments you can use for the rest of the year - and book them in. Don't wait until December... when you'll just feel more stressed out because you can't get a massage appointment!

My appointment hours at Thrive are Monday 10-5, Th/Fr 10-3. I'll also be working two Saturdays before the end of the year: November 22 and December 13. Book online today!


The tipping point


Tipping. It's a subject that can be awkward, especially if you're asking the person whom you want to tip..."so, do I tip you?". It comes up a lot. Here's the official scoop: The College of Massage Therapy (they protect the public's interest and ensure the high quality of standards in our profession), are a serious bunch and tipping is strongly discouraged. ALL massage therapists know this. But, in some offices with mixed services, like a spa setting, it's not discouraged either. It's a grey area. Therapists have to use their discretion in these situations. I personally, don't want to offend anyone, but clients should know that tipping is not expected and in some clinics is refused. Massage therapy is a regulated health profession, like dentists, doctors, etc. Do you tip your dentist? Do you slide your doctor a twenty in appreciation of the visit?  Next time you're hesitant or don't want to offend your massage therapist by not tipping, just know that you're not obligated. If you appreciate your therapist, you can refer them to your family and friends!




Something to look forward to!

Part of what keeps me motivated over the long winter months (hello new snow!), as I settle into riding on my trainer, is thinking about cycling during the summer. Part of that motivation is getting signed up for some cycling events. They're a great reminder and motivator once you get yourself and your friends involved, book the weekend, and put your money down! One race that I've wanted to do since it came to Ontario is the Centurion Race Series. They have 2 races in Ontario now and there are a few reasons I want to sign up. This event is well attended with fast riders, it's highly organized and its a challenging scenic ride not far from the city. Something to train harder for! 

Check out this awesome video that shows you what its all about.