The power of pediatric massage

I recently had the pleasure of attending two pediatric massage therapy courses led by the amazing and inspiring Tina Allen. Tina has created the Liddle Kidz Foundation which essentially is "the gold standard for pediatric touch therapy education and hospital-based program development training and implementation across the globe." She is an intense and extraordinary educator and we covered the bases on working with kids aged 3 and up, how to work with kids who have special needs, kids that are hospitalized or have had a diagnosis of terminal illness in hospice care.

I came away from these courses very full. There are so many considerations when working with kids and their families. The biggest impression was how to respectfully approach each child, meet them at their level, which is no small feat when you're a little awkward with kids, even though I have one of my own. It’s a learned skill and unless you're a baby whisperer or work with kids all day long, there is a lot to learn. We talked about props, toys, stories and songs to introduce to the massage to make it all less clinical. The focus is on making each child feel safe and creating the feeling of being supported, respecting their personal space and understanding boundaries, safety, infection control, and privacy. 

It was a lot, so now as I review all this information and work toward completing the certification of pediatric massage therapy, I will be reaching out to some of you. I will need a few families to work with over the coming months who want to be part of my case study. Look out for more information in the coming weeks. 

Finally I wanted to share this lovely post by a client about getting a prenatal massage. Thanks for the shout-out Priscilla!