What to expect at your massage therapy appointment

The first question I hear, often, is: "Ummm.. do I have to take all my clothes off?" The short answer is “No. Absolutely not.”

But the long answer is, well, much longer. This is one of the most frequently asked questions about massage and deserves some discussion.

First, no matter what, you’ll always be covered (draped) with a sheet and a blanket. You’ll never be left feeling exposed or chilly. When I work on an arm, I fold the sheet back and tuck it under your arm so it’s secure. (No drafts, my friends.) I follow the same protocol for the leg.

When I work on the full back, I fold the drape down at the hips. If you’re wearing underwear I’ll gently tuck the sheet around the waistband, to protect your clothes from massage oil. If you’re nursing and don't want to take off your bra, I’ll work around it. If you’re wearing a t-shirt or tank top or space suit, I’ll work through it. I know plenty of very effective massage techniques that can be administered over clothing. If I feel I can’t effectively treat your issue through the clothing you’ve chosen to wear, I’ll tell you, and we’ll figure out another approach.

Typically my clients wear underwear and nothing else. But, there is no right or wrong, this is your massage.

Now that we've got the clothing issue out of the way - the most important thing about the massage therapy appointment is to treat the issues or area that you want to focus on. So before we even get to the massage table, I'll have a brief discussion with you about how you're feeling and what you'd like to work on. I'm also happy to answer any questions you have, before or after the massage appointment.

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