An infant massage how-to (and how-not-to)

I love giving my infant massage classes. It is so much fun to meet new mums & dads and their gorgeous little babes - and to teach the parents some simple ways to connect with their baby and potentially relieve some gas issues that are common in babies.

So, thought it would be a good idea to do a really short video to describe the techniques and post it here on my blog. That way I could refer the parents who attend my class to it as a reminder, and also get other new parents interested in attending the class.

My friend and I put a rough plan together: she would bring her two daughters over and the older one could play with my daughter, and we could demonstrate infant massage techniques on the younger one. In a relatively short time, we realized our grand plan was flawed. It was a hilarious morning in which everything that could go wrong (seemingly) did, and, I later realized, illustrative in what NOT to do when it's time to massage your baby.

Try to have:

  • Warm hands, or at least not too cold.
  • A comfortable, happy baby who is not hungry, or too full (i.e. just eaten), or tired or a dirty diaper. (I know, it seems like this will mean NEVER! But I've found a good time to be just after an evening bath, or in the morning after baby has had his/her milk and you are changing their diaper).
  • A quiet, comfortable, peaceful space - not with loud children screaming in the background ideally! 
  • A trusted caregiver to give the massage, usually mom or dad.

Also, we realized in hindsight - we don't need to make our own video! There are already some great ones out there. I like this one in particular, by Tina Allen. She's amazing at infant massage.

So, have you tried infant massage with your baby? How did it go? What did you wish you knew about massage? Write in any comments or questions below and I'll do my best to answer!