I'm a morning lark

Is there really such thing as a morning person? Yes, it turns out there is, and I'm one of them. If I have extra work to catch up on, or if I want to get a good workout in, I will always wake up a bit earlier rather than stay up late. It's partly because I've always found it easier to get up early instead of stay up late, but it's also because I love the quiet and peacefulness of the morning. It seems to set the tone for the whole day when I can have a few calm moments to myself before my family wakes up to meditate, go for a run, or just catch up on my emails.

Once article I read about meditation suggested that the very first things you should do when you wake up are: wash your face, wash your hands, and take a big drink of pure water from a clear glass. For some reason this has really stuck with me and when I do wake up early, I try to make this my routine. 

There are so many articles about this subject - within about a minute of googling I had three different versions of 'How to become a morning person': I really liked these two, one from Greatist and one from The New York Times. There are some good tips and interesting tidbits in these. What about you? Do you wish you could be a morning lark? Or are you a night owl and love the late night for the same reasons I love the early mornings?