4 Ways to Celebrate Giving this Holiday Season


It's the time of year when everyone is in gift-giving mode. Giving is great, and can be celebrated without spending a lot of money. But giving doesn’t have to be a huge, elaborate and grand event. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest splash - here are some ideas.

1. Give something you already have

Rummage through your cabinets and donate dry goods to a food bank. Ditto for your bookcases. Find some books and share them with a shelter, a school in need, or even a friend collecting stuff for a fundraising yard sale. Box up some old coats, hats and gloves and bring them to a homeless shelter or a local school (sometimes the school has to find hats/gloves so kids without them can play outside with their peers). Bring old blankets to an animal rescue, or donate blood.

2. Make something

Bake some cookies and deliver to your neighbors or coworkers. If you have kids, work on a holiday craft with them to give to someone as a gift. Donate to a food bank or find a local charity looking for holiday volunteers.

3. Do something

Run an errand for someone. Smile at a stranger. Give a genuine compliment. Spread good news. Volunteer at a children’s hospital, nursing home, or anywhere you think another human being could use a smiling face. 

4. Write a letter/make a phone call

Leave a nice note on someone’s windshield. Even if you don’t know them. Call a friend or loved one you haven’t spoken to in a long time - especially if it’s someone you’re at odds with. Send an email to someone who has greatly impacted your life (and may not know it). 

Bonus: And if you have a little money to throw around

Give a generous tip, whether you’re at the coffee shop, out to eat, or your often-unseen postal worker. Bring some pet food or toys to a local animal shelter. Buy a gift certificate for massage for a person close to you and your family - I'm now offering massage gift certificates at Thrive Health