Welcome to November! ... and colder weather and flu season

November has arrived and so far it's amazing - mild temperatures and beautiful leaves make the best combination for getting out and being active, whether it's going for a run or playing in the park with your kids. 

Soon enough, we'll be bundled up and bracing against the cold. Already, many of us are dealing with that other seasonal change: colds and flu. Thankfully flu shots are at the pharmacies, walk-ins and GP offices once again, but what else can we do to try to ward off illness? We all know these things, but sometimes it's useful to remind ourselves (and tell our kids!) top tips, such as washing hands more often and eating lots of fruits and vegetables to get naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals. I'm thankful to work with a naturopath who gives me all kinds of recommendations for me and my family and I take daily and weekly doses of various homeopathics to prevent or lessen the severity of colds and flu. I'm really on it this year (ahem...AFTER already getting a nasty flu): Vitamin C, acidophilus, Oscillococcinum are a few I like. I'm a huge fan of Echinasera (kids) and Echinaseal (adults) at the first sign of cough/cold. What do you do?

Around this time of year I also get asked whether clients should cancel their massage appointments if they aren't feeling well. In reading up on this topic, I found this great article about it. Some of the best points the author makes are:

  • Massage is excellent for your immune system when you are healthy.
  • However, getting a massage when you're already sick is a bad idea. It can help the cold or flu spread through your body more efficiently, making you feel worse.
  • Another problem is that you may spread your cold or flu to the massage therapist. RMTs cannot work when they are ill for this same reason!
  • Cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible.
  • If you have had the symptoms for four or five days and are starting to feel better, a massage can accelerate your recovery. It is especially good if you have had deep muscle aches around your spine, ribs and neck and have been in bed for a few days coughing. In this case, you may feel very tired after your massage, so I recommend not planning too much after your visit. 
  • When you are healthy, it's great to visit your RMT for a massage in the winter months, to boost your immune system, keep your circulation flowing in the cold, and to make yourself feel better!

As always, I'm happy to discuss this with my clients, so please get in touch to talk about how we can use massage therapy to achieve your goals.