The tipping point


Tipping. It's a subject that can be awkward, especially if you're asking the person whom you want to tip..."so, do I tip you?". It comes up a lot. Here's the official scoop: The College of Massage Therapy (they protect the public's interest and ensure the high quality of standards in our profession), are a serious bunch and tipping is strongly discouraged. ALL massage therapists know this. But, in some offices with mixed services, like a spa setting, it's not discouraged either. It's a grey area. Therapists have to use their discretion in these situations. I personally, don't want to offend anyone, but clients should know that tipping is not expected and in some clinics is refused. Massage therapy is a regulated health profession, like dentists, doctors, etc. Do you tip your dentist? Do you slide your doctor a twenty in appreciation of the visit?  Next time you're hesitant or don't want to offend your massage therapist by not tipping, just know that you're not obligated. If you appreciate your therapist, you can refer them to your family and friends!